Make sure, the wheels of the vehicle have a sphere collider attached and use the Wheels Physics material

Make sure, the Ground layer is setup properly in the Vehicle Ground Detection and on the game object of the racing track. The vehicle will only detect a collider as ground, if it's layer is set in the vehicles list of Ground Layers!

In Unity 2019.4 we noticed that Cinemachine seems to stutter if an Game Object is selected in the inspector when in Playmode. Deselecting any selected object fixed that!

(Please not this issue is related to Cinemachine and not to the Arcade Racing Kit itself)

If your track is composed of multiple small colliders, it can happen that the vehicle hops sometimes when driving over a contact point of two track parts, due to the way Unity's Physics System work. This can be fixed by setting

Project Settings -> Physics-> Default Contact Offset to 0.0001

Nevertheless, we recommed to make your track being composed of as few as possible colliders.

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