Race Manager

The race manager controls the state of the race. It will trigger the intro sequence, check whether the player has finished the race and informs all subscribers when the race has begun/ended.


  • Auto Start If set to true, the race will be started automatically, when the scene has been loaded

  • Intro Timeline (optional) Before the race starts, the race manager will lock the movement of all vehicles, play the intro timeline and unlock the vehicles, when the timeline is not playing anymore. That allows you to define in avery flexible way, what should happen before the race begins. E.g. in the demo scene we use the intro timleine to show off the track and play the countdown.

  • Outro Timeline (optional) The outro timeline is played after the race has been finished. In the demo we use it to disable the movement of the player vehicle and show the race finished UI.


  • OnRaceStarted This event will be invoked right after the vehicles have been unlocked and the race has been started

  • OnRaceFinished This event will be invoked right after the player has completed the race

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